Use Teeth Whitening to Attack Deep Stains and Discolorations in Your Teeth

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Although brushing and flossing are extremely effective for maintaining your oral health, they may not be the best option for whitening your smile. Instead, try teeth whiteners. With teeth whiteners, you can attack deep stains and discolorations in your teeth.

The highest quality tooth whitening system you can try is available at your dentist office in the form of a profession whitening treatment. These treatments can effectively improve your teeth by up to 10 whole shades in a single visit. In addition, the whitening trays are custom fitted to your dental profile and the gels used are safe.

Not all tooth whitening products are considered safe. Due to the fact there are no governmental regulations about teeth whiteners, some store-bought products might not be exactly what they advertise. Some can bleach your teeth while others may have no effect at all. If you are ever unsure about a product, contact your dentist.

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