Treating Tooth Infection and Abscess

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Our dentists and team do all we can to promote healthy smiles and help our patients maintain their dental health. To help you address tooth infection and abscess, we invite you to know the important differences between these conditions.

Your teeth can often be an exception to your body’s ability to fight infection. Infection often occurs in the center of a tooth, preventing the use of antibodies, which means you may need to receive root canal therapy.

Tooth infections are typically the result of tooth nerves being affected by decay or trauma, and they can spread quickly, even to areas between the tooth and jawbone. The result of this level of infection is often painful tooth abscess. While the body will fight against abscess, it can’t eliminate any infection in the tooth.

It’s important to prevent tooth infection and treat the problem as soon as possible in order to avoid developing an abscess when possible. You can lower your risk of tooth infection by practicing good dental habits such as brushing and flossing and visiting the dental office at least every six months. We encourage you to maintain a healthy diet that is full of fruits and vegetables to lower the likelihood of tooth decay.

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