Can’t Brush? Eat a Healthy Meal!

It’s the 21st Century and despite all the modern conveniences, we seem to be busier than ever. Small wonder then, that clean mouths and teeth might become an afterthought with everything else vying for our attention. That is especially true when we are at work or at school. Nothing is... Read more »

Improved Comfort With Sedation Dentistry

If you often become nervous, or even anxious, before a dental appointment, we urge you to ask Drs. Sanders, Fuller, Land, and Land about sedation dentistry in Eagle River, Alaska. Our dentists and team are committed to helping you feel calm and relaxed in the dental chair. Dr. Sanders, Dr.... Read more »

Overcoming Oral Emergencies

Caring for your smile has never been easier. With all of the wonderful dental treatments available to you, most dental restorations you may need are just an office visit away. However, if you should suffer an oral emergency due to an accident or injury, replying with caution and preparation are... Read more »

A Significant Tongue Injury May Need Timely First Aid

A minor tongue injury, from accidentally biting yourself when eating or chewing gum rarely causes significant damage to the soft tissues. Unfortunately, there are other times when an oral trauma or sports accident causes more significant damage to the tongue. In a situation like this, you will need to take... Read more »

How You Can Cope With Dental Anxiety

Did you know that there are several things you might be able to do to protect your oral health? For instance, you’ve probably heard that you should brush your pearly whites twice a day for two minutes at a time. It’s also important that you floss your every day and... Read more »

Why Root Canals Are Necessary

Root canals are necessary because if the pulp of a tooth is infected, you could end up losing the entire tooth. The pulp of a tooth, which is a soft area within a tooth that contains blood vessels, connective tissues, and the nerve endings, can be removed and the tooth... Read more »