Get Ahead of Tooth Decay With Regular Dental Checkups

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Struggling with persistent and extreme tooth discomfort is not normal and may be a sign of cavities in your tooth enamel. As soon as you suspect you have a cavity, you should schedule a visit with the dentist to restore the tooth enamel to full health before it reaches the inner tooth structures and causes significant damage. Visiting the dentist every six months for checkups can help prevent cavities from developing or to stop their progression.

Our dental team at Eagle Summit Dental Group is pleased to offer thorough dental exams and cleanings to protect your smile from tooth decay, gum disease or any other dental issues. By treating these conditions in their earliest stages, you can enjoy dental care that is more conservative and affordable, preserving more of your natural smile. If you delay cavity treatment, it could continue to advance to the point that only services such as a large dental filling, root canal procedure or other treatments may be needed to repair the damage.

Be aware of the common symptoms of a cavity, such as:

– Ongoing sharp dental discomfort, especially when you use the tooth to bite or chew
– Tooth sensitivity that flares up when you breath cold air or take a bite of hot, cold or sweet food
– Chips and fractures in the tooth enamel
– Tooth enamel that has dark spots

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