A Dentist’s Attention Will Be Needed to Treat a Missing Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are typically bonded to their anchoring abutment with a very strong dental adhesive. This provides the necessary hold to fully restore the tooth’s function in your mouth.

Yet there are sometimes when a hard blow to the face or poor oral health practices can weaken the bond between the dental crown and the anchoring abutment. This might cause your dental crown to feel loose or potentially fall out.

In a situation like this, you need to seek professional care from a dentist like Dr. Michael Sanders. If you procrastinate care you could greatly increase your chances of suffering significant complications.    

Looking in the mirror before you call might help you assess the severity of a situation. If a blow to the face has left you with excess blood in your mouth you can gently rinse it away with lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning measures should be left to Dr. Michael Sanders and his highly trained associates.

If the abutment is whole, the crown itself will be hollow. In a situation like this, it might be possible for Dr. Michael Sanders to clean the crown and abutment and cement it back into place.

If the abutment was damaged, you will likely see some of it inside the crown. In a case like this, Dr. Michael Sanders might have to perform endodontic therapy.This will restore sufficient structure to anchor a new crown.

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