A Dental Bridge Supported by Dental Implants Can Restore Multiple Missing Teeth

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Severe dental trauma and chronic complications from gum disease or untreated tooth decay can result in the loss of one tooth or multiple teeth. If multiple teeth are lost in one specific area, this change in your oral structure can cause profound impairment to your overall oral function.

Rather than living with an inefficient mouth, you should consider scheduling a consultation with our dentist at Eagle Summit Dental Group. After assessing your remaining oral structure and general oral health, Dr. Michael Sanders and associates can help you understand your options for replacing your multiple missing teeth.

If you aren’t satisfied with a removable partial denture, we might recommend installing an implant-supported dental bridge. This dental restoration strategy starts with an oral surgery where we install a pair of titanium dental implants into the existing bone structure. As your gums heal, the dental implants will gradually integrate with your natural bone tissues.

Once the implants have properly integrated with your bone, we can start the process of forming two abutments that are capable of supporting a dental bridge; this piece of dental work will replicate the appearance of your original teeth, giving you a natural-looking dental restoration.

If you live in the Eagle River, Alaska, area, and if you are missing multiple teeth, you should consider calling 907-694-8234 to schedule a dental restoration consultation with our dentist at Eagle Summit Dental Group. Drs. Michael Sanders, Michael Fuller, Alfred Land III, and Alfred M. Land IV are here to help you create the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!